• Eryvac® is registered for the control of Erysipelas arthritis in lambs and sheep.
  • Erysipelas infection may result in damage to the joints of sheep leading to arthritis.
  • Arthritis affects all the sheep producing regions; it is not restricted by geography.
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  • High level of disease protection for your flocks.
  • Improves weaning percentages in flocks affected by Erysipelas arthritis.
  • Reduces tail in sheep mobs affected by Erysipelas arthritis.
  • Reduces abattoir condemnations due to Erysipelas arthritis.
  • Registered for use in ewes from joining throughout pregnancy, including scanning
  • Registered to be used in lambs from three weeks of age.


Control of Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae arthritis in all classes of sheep.
For the control of erysipelas infection in sheep causing:
  • Lameness and inability to stand and walk
  • Issues with transport, not ‘fit to load’
  • Reduced weight gain
  • Losses through trim and condemnations at the abattoir
  • Chronic arthritis caused by erysipelas leads to production losses due to poor body condition scores and reduced wool growth.


  • Eryvac vaccine controls erysipelas arthritis.
  • Eryvac is produced using  Zoetis’ Ultra- flitration  technology
  • Ensures Vaccine remains of the highest quality by seeking ou and removing unwanted particles
  • Enables the vaccine to generate a more targeted immune respons
  • Delivers reliable protection within a convenient 1ml dose rate
  • If you save 1 in 200 lambs from arthritis, a complete Eryvac program has paid for itself.1
  • A complete Eryvac program has 3 dosess, 1 dose in ewes at pre-lambing, (2 doses in first year) and 2 lamb doses, one at marking and one at weaning.
  • Eryvac can improve profits by up to $0.82/DSE in prime lamb flocks and $0.59/DSE in fine wool flocks.1