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1st – 31st August 2021

** Dectomax PourOn Endectocide 2.5Ltr only $225-00 GST incl.

** Dectomax PourOn Endectocide 5Ltr only $420-00 GST incl.

** Dectomax PourOn Endectocide 22Ltr only $1700-00 GST incl.

(only while stocks last)


Withholding periods:

+Milk: Nil

+Meat: DO NOT USE less than 42 days before slaughter for human consumption.

+EXPORT SLAUGHTER INTERVAL: DO NOT USE less than 42 days before slaughter for human consumption.

Dectomax® delivers like no other cattle drench


No other drench consistently delivers, 35 days persistent activity against all three of the most prevalent internal parasites of grazing cattle in Australia, Cooperia spp, Ostertagia and Haemonchus.


Dectomax® protects against re-infection from more of the important profitability-robbing parasites, both internal and external*, than any other cattle drench. Maximum weight gains from superior parasite control.


Dectomax® contains the unique molecule doramectin, with a chemical ring at the C-25 position of its core active structure. This makes Dectomax® active for longer, so it protects for longer.


Because it protects for longer, Dectomax® keeps pastures cleaner for longer. Which means you can extend the time between treatments. And fewer treatments save time and money.


Dectomax® has a wide safety margin in all ages of stock, including young calves, pregnant stock and bulls. Its broad spectrum of activity, favourable pharmacokinetics and exceptional toleration make it an ideal product for application as an anti-parasitic for cattle.


Rain fast:

The efficacy of Dectomax® Pour-On Endectocide is not adversely affected if applied when the hide is wet or if rain falls shortly after treatment. However, treatment of animals with wet hides or when rain threatens should be avoided as it is not good agricultural practice.

Do your sheep need vaccinating & drenching?

In stock at TJ Stockfeeds and Miller Ag Supplies, Eweguard & Weanerguard.

Both are 6 in 1’s and the drench active is a Moxidectin.