Monthly Specials

Polymaster Autumn Specials 2022!

March to May 2022

In stock …

. 100gms frozen Blood Worms $6-30

. Dynamic Lifter Reduced Odour 15kg $26-50

. Perlite 5Ltrs $9-60

. Vermiculite 5Ltrs $9-30

. Seasol in 1Ltr, 2Ltr and 4Ltrs.

. Seed Raising Mix in 15Ltrs and 5Ltrs.

Do your sheep need vaccinating & drenching?

In stock at TJ Stockfeeds and Miller Ag Supplies, Eweguard & Weanerguard.

Both are 6 in 1’s and the drench active is a Moxidectin.